7 Reasons To Have Your Wedding In Budapest!

Undoubtedly you want your wedding to be unique and you want to provide the best possible guest experience for your family and friends. By choosing a romantic location like Budapest, you will immediately be setting your wedding apart from all the others. Not only will your guests have your wedding day to look forward to, but they will also have an opportunity to explore a new city. Discover below why more and more couples are choosing Budapest for their dream wedding.

Fishermans Bastion Budapest Halászbástya
Fisherman’s Bastion


Budapest is recognised as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! You will be spoiled for choice when choosing your wedding venue and a location for your wedding photographs. Often referred to as the Jewel of the Danube, it has a uniqueness to it like no other! It rivals the charm, elegance and architectural splendour of other European cities, making it a popular choice for stylish weddings.

Wedding in Budapest with views of Buda Castle
Wedding at Budapest Marriott, photo-Eskuvoi Fótosom

From the most pristine historical buildings to derelict rundown apartment blocks, they all ooze a romantic charm. The city is much admired and not easily replicated. I have planned weddings here as diverse as the city itself, alway bursting with personality and creativity. Just take a walk along the Danube banks and through the enchanted streets of the castle district and you’ll see why so many fall in love with this city and ultimately choose to host their wedding in Budapest.

If you choose a religious ceremony the top 2 catholic churches are the Romanesque style Matthias church in the historical castle district and the Neo Classical style Saint Stephen’s Basilica in the heart of Pest. The later being my favorite, but I could be biased as that is where my wedding took place not to mention that it is one of the Top 10 most photographed buildings in the world!

Wedding venue Budapest Corinthia Budapest wedding reception
Corinthia Budapest


Where else can you find two cities rolled into one? Here you have Buda and Pest! Well geographically they are two cities separated by the Danube river, but essentially they are considered one city. Each side of the river has it’s own character and several dream wedding venues. You will be sure to find the perfect one amongst them to suit your style, size and budget.

Vajdahunyad Castle

  • Some couples are dazzled by the Buda Castle where they can fulfil their dream of a fairytale wedding on it’s Savoy Terrace.
  • Some are seeking grandeur and choose to say ‘yes’ in Budapest in one of the city’s Art Museums.
  • Some choose a private villa hidden in the Buda hills to keep their nuptials and reception an intimate celebration.
  • Some choose a downtown ruin bar to create a trendy rustic theme.
  • Some wish to set their scene on the river, dining and dancing on the Danube, enjoying the spectacular views of Buda and Pest.

There is so much choice, I could go on and on…

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Budapest
Dream Weddings Budapest, photo-Pinewood Weddings


Despite the fact that the city is gaining popularity for visitors and weddings, it still remains incredibly affordable compared to the rest of Europe. You can get all the bells and whistles here without blowing your budget!

Várkert Bazár Wedding Reception setup drone Shot
Várkert Bazár


Budapest is ideally situated in the heart of Europe with flights from every corner of the world. Tourists flock here all year long, yet the city never seems overcrowded. Your friends and family will be delighted to make the trip and discover for themselves what makes this such an enchanting destination.

St. Stephen’s Basilica


Are you worried about falling into the category of cookie-cutter/seen-it-before style weddings? You have no need to worry if you plan your wedding in Hungary. There is an abundance of creative wedding professionals from floral designers to wedding photographers. They will work tirelessly to deliver you an exquisitely tailor-made wedding like no other. Outstanding catering companies can deliver mouth-watering, innovative and beautifully prepared dishes. When it comes to entertainment why limit yourself to a Dj or band when you can have anything from Cirque Du Soleil style performers, to magicians, to a virtuoso violinist or an entire orchestra! It’s all possible in this city full of culture.

Wedding flowers and decoration Kiscelli  Museum
Flowers by Arioso Budapest



The city offers a wide selection of lodgings, suiting every need and budget. You can find affordable luxury at the large international chain hotels and small unique boutique ones. There is a wide variety of rental apartments to suit every style and budget.

( Tip: Book a room with a balcony along the banks of the river. )

Bride & Groom at Buda Castle, Savoy
Bride & Groom at Savoy Terrace-photo by budapest_snap



No matter where you and your guests choose to stay they will find all amenities and attractions in close proximity. The streets are easy to navigate for those that like to discover a new city by foot, and I really would recommend walking between the sites. By doing so you will get a better appreciation for the architecture and you will discover quirky streets with great little shops and cafés. When your feet get tired you can always hope on a tram, bus or the metro. The public transport system is affordable, punctual and comfortable and there are also plenty of yellow taxis about, ready to whisk you off to your desired location.

Várkert Bazár Budapest, Castle Gardens, wedding photoshoot location
Várkert Bazár

Budapest is suitable for all ages, with lots to keep everyone entertained all day long and some even well into the wee hours of the night. Should you wish to extend your wedding celebrations over several days you will have an abundance of choice to make unique mini-events:

  • take a leisurely cruise down the Danube
  • chill-out in one of the thermal baths
  • venture out for some wine tasting to a countryside vineyard
  • dine at one of the rooftop restaurants and enjoy spectacular views

Ask your wedding planner in Budapest to create an itinerary of events. You decide how action packed or relaxed you wish to have it.

So there you have it, 7 reasons to have your wedding in Budapest. All you have to do now is start planning!

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