Top Advantages Of Having A Mid-week Wedding

There are many positives to having a weekday wedding and now more than ever couples are considering a midweek celebration. The multiple postponements of weddings in the last number of weeks due to the Corona virus, has resulted in a backlogged 2020 Autumn-Winter season. It has also left a lot fewer dates available in 2021. If that is not reason enough to convince you, then read on for more advantages.

bride and groom wedding celebration with champagne tower wedding decor detail photo by ivy road photography
photo credit-Ivy Road Photography

Wedding Date Flexibility

1. Possibly the biggest bonus is that you are more likely to secure your dream date at your dream venue, with most couples opting for the weekend. You have to consider if you want a Saturday wedding at a venue that you don’t love over a weekday wedding at your top venue choice. Subsequently you don’t want to book a random date or possibly have to delay your celebration by a couple of years just because it’s the only Saturday that your venue can accommodate you.

Rustic Wedding table decoration in Brody Studios Budapest
Dream Weddings Budapest-photo credit Pinewood Weddings

Secure Your Preferred Wedding Vendors

2. That photographer that you have been following for months on Instagram is probably booked every weekend until 2025, but not on a Wednesday! Likewise,other vendor professionals like Dj, band, hair and beauty stylists will also have room in their calendar midweek.

Reduce Wedding Costs

3. It can be significantly more affordable with many venues reducing their pricing for weekday events, some by almost half the price of a Saturday wedding. You may also be able to negotiate a discount with your other suppliers by using the midweek element as a bargaining tool. Who doesn’t love a discount!

wedding reception at The Writer's Villa Budapest
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Have An Intimate Wedding

4. Is the thought of having to invite second cousins, third cousins and colleges of colleges giving you anxiety attacks? Or are you secretly wishing to drastically reduce your guest count from 400 to 75? Then choosing a midweek date will benefit you enormously! It’s likely a lot won’t be able to take time off work or be able to take their children out of school. By having a small intimate wedding you can practise social distancing much easier. The key is to give your nearest and dearest plenty of time to plan and you’ll get that intimate celebration you’ve been dreaming of!

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Have A Relaxed Celebration

5. You’ll avoid the crowd and won’t feel like you are part of the production line of weddings at the registry office or church. This will naturally make your event more relaxed for you, your guests and your photographers. There probably won’t be another bride in sight!

Wedding in Budapest at Buda Castle
Savoy Terrace Wedding-photo credit Ana Szabo Photography

Extend Your Celebration Over Several Days

6. Instead of making it just a weekend celebration, you can make it a very relaxed week long celebration! Whether it’s a local or destination wedding, you can plan out a few small events with your guests. Anything from excursions, dining together or heading out for some evening entertainment. If your immediate families haven’t all met each other, it’s a good opportunity to bring them together for a casual get-to-know each other over dinner at home and look through old family photos.

Mid-week weddings are trending in Budapest! Couples are planning their destination wedding in Hungary on Thursdays and then continuing their celebration into the weekend by doing activities in Budapest and exploring the Hungarian countryside!


You may be met with some reactions of surprise when you announce your wedding day, try not to take it personally. It is doubtful that everyone will be able to attend but they should understand that this is your big day. It’s okay to be a little selfish in this situation, especially if you both are financing your wedding  and trying to reduce costs.

You will never be able to please everyone, so put your happiness first when deciding your wedding date. If you feel good with your choice then it will ultimately set your wedding planning off to a positive start!