25 Questions To Ask Wedding Venues in Budapest, Hungary

Before you start your wedding venue search ensure you have your guest list size figured out. Once you have a better idea of your guest count you can start contacting venues that you think will suit your number, your style and desired location. The top questions when contacting wedding venues will undoubtedly be; ‘How much does it cost?’ and ‘What is the capacity?’. However once you have the answers to these basic questions there are several others that should be asked early on in your negotiating process. They can determine whether your guest experience will be amazing or average! By asking these wedding venue questions you will discover possible hidden charges and ultimately reveal the real cost of having your wedding at a particular venue.

  • What dates are available in your preferred month? Don’t go any further with your list of questioning until you find out if they are available on your dates!
  • Is the price a flat rental fee or minimum consumption rate? A minimum consumption rate means that all food and beverage purchased is redeemable against that rate. This can work out far more cost-efficient than paying a basic room rental price and then catering fees on top of it.
  • Is there a discounted price for weekday weddings? You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that a few venues will have big discounts for mid week weddings. If you would like to know all the other advantages of having a midweek wedding click here!.

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  • Would it be possible to have our wedding ceremony at this venue? What venue rooms/spaces are available for it? Is there an extra fee for that space?
  • Do you have a policy of one wedding per day?
  • What time can we access the venue from?
  • What time does the venue need to be cleared of guests and decor?
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  • Does the wedding venue have any sound limitations? Hotel wedding venues in Budapest will likely have sound restrictions for their outdoor weddings. Other venues in densely populated areas and inner city districts will likely have a curfew on sound too!
  • Do you provide any decor items? ( Candles, vases, charger plates, table numbers, seating charts )
  • Do you provide tableware and tablecloths? Ask to see photos of them and if possible view the tablecloths in person, especially if they are any color besides white as shades may clash with other elements in your decor or your bridal party’s attire.
  • Do you have a dance floor? If you would like your guests to be out on the dance floor all night then provide a wooden dance floor as concrete and carpeted surfaces can quickly exhaust dancing feet.
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  • Do you provide parking for vendors and guests? 
  • Do you provide the contract in English?
  • Do your staff and wait staff speak English?
  • What is your Covid policy?

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  • Can we bring any of our own food and beverage? If yes, what is the corkage fee? Sometimes it works out more expensive to purchase your own alcohol and it will definitely take up more of your time and energy!
  • Is there a corkage fee for cutting the cake?
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  • Does the event space have air conditioning? This is especially important for summer weddings in Hungary, as temperatures can go above 40ºC (100ºF).
  • Does the event space have heating? Undoubtedly most venues will have adequate heating and you can be assured that you and your guests will be nice and toasty at your winter wedding, However some non traditional wedding venues such as historical buildings, ruin pubs or farmyard barns may not be equipped and to avoid having your guests freezing you will need to outsource heating equipment and evaluate that additional cost.
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  • Do you provide sound or lighting equipment?
  • Is the venue accessible for disabled persons? If any of your guests have any physical disabilities you will want to ensure the venue can provide efficient access to entryways and toilets. Even somebody with mobility problems can find a few steps challenging.
  • Do they plan any changes to the building, either interior or exterior before your wedding date? Don’t expect that venues will automatically inform you of changes. You might be very upset to discover a feature that you fell in love with no longer exists or to find scaffolding or other signs of renovation on your wedding day.


By asking each venue the same questions you will have consistent answers to compare the pros and cons of and will simplify your final decision when it comes to choosing the best venue in Budapest to host your wedding.

If you need a professional wedding planner to assist you with your venue search and to ensure a smooth planning process for your wedding day in Budapest or around Hungary, please get in touch here.

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