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Before you start your wedding venue search ensure you have your guest list size figured out. Once you have a better idea of your guest count you can start contacting venues that you think will suit your number, your style and desired location. The top questions when contacting wedding venues will undoubtedly be; ‘How much does it cost?’ and ‘What is the capacity?’. However once you have the answers to these basic questions there are several others that should be asked early on in your negotiating process. They can determine whether your guest experience will be amazing or average! By asking these wedding venue questions you will discover possible hidden charges and ultimately reveal the real cost of having your wedding at a particular venue.

  • What dates are available in your preferred month? Don’t go any further with your list of questioning until you find out if they are available on your dates!
  • Is the price a flat rental fee or minimum consumption rate? A minimum consumption rate means that all food and beverage purchased is redeemable against that rate. This can work out far more cost-efficient than paying a basic room rental price and then catering fees on top of it.
  • Is there a discounted price for weekday weddings? You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that a few venues will have big discounts for mid week weddings. If you would like to know all the other advantages of having a midweek wedding click here!.

wedding decor with rustic furniture, crisp whites and greenery

  • Would it be possible to have our wedding ceremony at this venue? What venue rooms/spaces are available for it? Is there an extra fee for that space?
  • Do you have a policy of one wedding per day?
  • What time can we access the venue from?
  • What time does the venue need to be cleared of guests and decor?
wedding tent in Hungary, Wedding Wood Marquee
Wedding Wood, Hungary | | /weddingwoodhungary/ Facebook: Wedding Wood | Decor: Florastudio | Furniture: Global Partytrend Kft.
  • Does the wedding venue have any sound limitations? Hotel wedding venues in Budapest will likely have sound restrictions for their outdoor weddings. Other venues in densely populated areas and inner city districts will likely have a curfew on sound too!
  • Do you provide any decor items? ( Candles, vases, charger plates, table numbers, seating charts )
  • Do you provide tableware and tablecloths? Ask to see photos of them and if possible view the tablecloths in person, especially if they are any color besides white as shades may clash with other elements in your decor or your bridal party’s attire.
  • Do you have a dance floor? If you would like your guests to be out on the dance floor all night then provide a wooden dance floor as concrete and carpeted surfaces can quickly exhaust dancing feet.
Wedding table decor, flowers and rustic tableware
  • Do you provide parking for vendors and guests? 
  • Do you provide the contract in English?
  • Do your staff and wait staff speak English?
  • What is your Covid policy?

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  • Can we bring any of our own food and beverage? If yes, what is the corkage fee? Sometimes it works out more expensive to purchase your own alcohol and it will definitely take up more of your time and energy!
  • Is there a corkage fee for cutting the cake?
Kiscelli Museum gala dinner with large floral centerpices
Flowers & Photo credit: ARIOSO,
  • Does the event space have air conditioning? This is especially important for summer weddings in Hungary, as temperatures can go above 40ºC (100ºF).
  • Does the event space have heating? Undoubtedly most venues will have adequate heating and you can be assured that you and your guests will be nice and toasty at your winter wedding, However some non traditional wedding venues such as historical buildings, ruin pubs or farmyard barns may not be equipped and to avoid having your guests freezing you will need to outsource heating equipment and evaluate that additional cost.
Rustic wedding venue Hungary, private villa
Villabogart | |
  • Do you provide sound or lighting equipment?
  • Is the venue accessible for disabled persons? If any of your guests have any physical disabilities you will want to ensure the venue can provide efficient access to entryways and toilets. Even somebody with mobility problems can find a few steps challenging.
  • Do they plan any changes to the building, either interior or exterior before your wedding date? Don’t expect that venues will automatically inform you of changes. You might be very upset to discover a feature that you fell in love with no longer exists or to find scaffolding or other signs of renovation on your wedding day.


By asking each venue the same questions you will have consistent answers to compare the pros and cons of and will simplify your final decision when it comes to choosing the best venue in Budapest to host your wedding.

If you need a professional wedding planner to assist you with your venue search and to ensure a smooth planning process for your wedding day in Budapest or around Hungary, please get in touch here.

If you are not quiet sure how a wedding planner can benefit you check out this blog post; What Does A Wedding Planner Really Do?

If you are at the beginning of your wedding planning journey, a great place to start is 30 Wedding Planning Questions For Engaged Couples  

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What is the procedure for getting married legally in Hungary? This is often one of the first questions couples have when they consider getting married in Hungary. Whether you are planning a micro wedding, a large gathering or even to elope to Budapest, the process of applying for a marriage license in Hungary will be the same. In some countries like Ireland, a church wedding is considered an official ceremony.  However in Hungary a church wedding is not legally binding, civil marriages are the only marriages that are legally recognised. A religious ceremony is optional but it has no legal value. 

The process can be intimidating, especially for foreigners who don’t speak the language. Finding the right person to call in the right district can be a process in itself. Then you may find that there isn’t anyone that speaks English. It’s advisable to hire a translator or at best a wedding coordinator or planner to help you through the process. 

couple kiss after their in wedding in Saint Stephen's Basilica with bride in a backless wedding dress
Sealed with a kiss in front of Saint Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest | photo credit

The Legalities Of Getting Married in Hungary

This procedure should generally be started at least 60 days before the wedding date so that all processes can be completed by the Hungarian authorities in time. However the recommended time is 4-6 months.

Before you start the process for getting married in Hungary you will need to decide your wedding date and which district in Budapest or place in Hungary you wish to get married in. 

Once you have decided your date and venue, you should call to schedule an appointment at the office of the The Municipal Council in the district where the marriage will take place. There you will declare your intention to marry in front of the registrar.

Both parties/applicants must appear in person for the appointment!

Each district has their own municipality. You can get married at the registry office or at a site/venue of your choice. If you wish to have your civil ceremony at Fisherman Bastion for example, then you should apply at the Municipal Council of the I. District ( 1st district ).

wedding in the castle district of Budapest with Danube view and Hungarian Parliament in the background, classic bridal hair and form fitting lace wedding dress
photo credit: Gyongyi Halmai, @halmai_gyongyi_photography

All of your official documents have to be translated into Hungarian by the Hungarian Office of Translation and Attestation. Translation from another company or person will not be accepted.  As part of my wedding planning services I assist couples with the translation process. They have the option to send their documents to me in advance of their trip to Hungary. Once I receive them, I bring the documents to the translation office, then collect them once the translation process is complete. When the couple come to Hungary for their appointment, everything is ready thus saving the couple valuable time. For more information about my Wedding Planning Service please get in touch here!

You will be required to pay the application fee. You will incur an additional fee if you wish to have the registrar perform the marriage at an off-site location! 

If you wish to change your names or give your future children a certain family name then you should decide this prior to your appointment. The registrar will declare it on your application. 

The registrar will establish if the marriage complies with the Hungarian rule of law since all marriages have to be valid by the laws of the home countries of both parties concerned.

Getting married legally in Hungary, wedding couple hand in hand, inter racial wedding, marry in Budpest
Say ‘I do’ in Budapest!

What Documents Do You Need To Get Married In Hungary?

The following documents are required to register a marriage in Hungary:

  • Valid passports that do not expire within 6 months before or after your wedding date!

  • If one of you has Hungarian Nationality then you need to provide proof. 

  • Full birth certificates of both applicants, indicating the names of your mothers and fathers.

  • Documents to prove your place of residency.

  • Freedom To Marry Certificates,  declaring that no legal impediment exists as to your marriage. These can be obtained from the consulate/embassy or Department of Foreign Affairs in your home country. Hungarian citizens can obtain a Certificate of Marital Status.

  • If either of you is divorced from a previous marriage then you should provide a decree of divorce or a decree absolute. 

  • If one of you is widowed then provide a death certificate of the deceased spouse. 

  • A completed application form. 

Please note: All documents should be dated within 6 months of your wedding date!

Additional documentation may be required depending on your nationality. It is recommended to inquire with your relevant consulate or embassy.

Destination wedding Budapest, with fairytale wedding portraits at Fisherman's Bastion Budapest, with Mathias Church in the background
Fairytale in Budapest at Fisherman’s Bastion photo credit: Gyongyi Halmai, @halmai_gyongyi_photography

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal age for getting married in Hungary?

The legal age for getting married in Hungary is 18. 

Is a civil marriage in Hungary recognised abroad?

A civil marriage in Hungary is generally recognised in all other countries.

Do I have to be a resident in Hungary or have Hungarian Nationality to get married in Hungary?

No, there are no requirements to be a resident here to get married in Hungary and you do not need to have Hungarian Nationality!

So now you are all set with the information you need to plan your legal ceremony for your destination wedding in Hungary. Whether you go ahead with an official ceremony or a have symbolic one, you and your guests are sure to have an experience of a lifetime.

If you need wedding planner to help you orchestrate your wedding or just need a little extra help with coordination, I would love to help. Just get in touch for more information here!

wedding invitations and save the date stationery flat lay with flowers and wedding ring
Save The Date for a Wedding in Budapest!

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The buzzword in the wedding industry at the moment and one of the biggest trends of 2020, is Micro Weddings! Many couples are seeking alternative ways to celebrate their wedding, giving them more freedom to personalise their ceremony and reception and a micro wedding works perfectly for them. Other couples are finding themselves forced to either postpone or downsize due to the uncertain times that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused, resulting in them having a micro wedding now and planning a big extravagant wedding sometime in the future. While we don’t know how long this will last, it’s clear that weddings are going to look very different, especially in size for a while.

However the pandemic is not going to stop people from falling in love and wanting to celebrate it. Read on to discover what a micro wedding is, the advantages of having a micro wedding, their average costs and ideas to make your micro wedding unique to you and your partner.

Rustic wedding decor bride and groom
Photo credit: Jono Symonds Photography – @jonosymonds –

What Is A Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding or boutique wedding as it is also know, is a ceremony and/or reception with less than 50 guests. It still features the traditions that make up a wedding including full nuptials but on a smaller scale. Unlike elopements that tend to be spur of the moment secret escapes, micro weddings are planned intimate affairs! They can be categorised in between an elopement and a full-on large wedding. 

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Fisherman's Bastion wedding photography Budapest
Photo credit: @elizahphotos –

Benefits Of A Micro Wedding

  • A large wedding can be a huge undertaking and can mean huge costs. By having fewer guests you can save money, create an intimate ceremony and ensure that it is only your nearest and dearest celebrating with you at your wedding reception.

  • With fewer guests comes less work and ultimately fewer opinions, which results in fewer people to please. How wonderful does that sound!!

  • You can take advantage of the small size and go somewhere you couldn’t go otherwise! Think destination weddings and unique spaces when choosing your Micro Wedding venue.  You’ll have more options due to the reduced guest count, places that wouldn’t be able to accommodate a large wedding. 

  • You may be able to cut costs on your photography package. Ask your photographer to  create a custom package for a shorter amount of time, as a smaller head count means less ‘must have shots’.

  • Micro weddings usually don’t require the same amount of planning, so your wedding planner may cost less than if they were to plan a full-scale wedding wedding for you.

  • Fewer tables will mean less florals. Replicating a centerpiece by 15 tables will cost considerably more than just a handful of tables. Your florist’s duties will be reduced and they probably won’t have the need to call upon a production team to assist with the install.

  • A small wedding however doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style! If you can’t forgo your dream of having a fabulous tablescape you can justify having a big floral budget, as you will ultimately save in other areas.

  • With a smaller group of guests you will have a better chance of spending quality time with each of your loved ones. 

  • Create a real impact with an element (s) that is most important to you! Go all out with a designer wedding dress that makes your heart skip a beat every time you see it. Hire a venue exclusively, especially if privacy is important to you. Why settle for a town car to deliver you to your ceremony when you can be transported in style and enjoy more fantastic views from the seat of a helicopter!

Candlelit wedding in rustic setting dream weddings Budapest blog
Photo credit: @emilyrosehamilton – | Venues Asylum Chapel @maverickprojects & Brunswick House @lasscobrunswickhouse | Catering @brunswick_house | Hair @kathymcleanhair | MUA @tabitharr | Nails @bhambnails | Dress @cathleen_jia from | Garter | Necklace @hardworkjewelry | Wedding Rings @margaretcross | Engagement Rings @annashefield | Suit @paulsmithdesign | Flowers | Drinks @travellingginco
  • A big event can ultimately create big stress. With much fewer guests and knowing that you have your nearest and dearest won’t be judging you, will immediately make the planning and the day itself less stressful!

  • It can relieve the pressure to include all the components of a traditional wedding. Make your own rules, include the elements that are essential to you and leave out what doesn’t fit in with your values and vision!

  • There is no doubt that a smaller wedding will have fewer expectations. Not only do micro weddings allow you to be flexible with traditions, they also allow for more flexibility with the schedule of events at your celebration. Do things in an order that resonates with you!

  • If your budget allows, you can really create a wonderful guest experience by hosting them at your wedding venue ( a.k.a paying for their accommodation). This is ideal and easy to plan if you want to exclusively book a villa or small hotel. Something that could have complicated logistics with a larger guest count.

micro wedding reception outdoors

How To Personalise Your Micro Wedding

  • Adding personalised touches such as handwriting notes to each of your guests is a lovely way to show your appreciation for the effort they made to come. 

  • If you are artistic and wish to put in more effort into personalizing your celebration, then hand painting your invites is the way to go. You can continue the theme into all your wedding signage.

  • Wedding planning has entered the virtual age, from venue tours to bridal showers, so why not set the scene of your celebration by creating a virtual wedding invitation. Make a personalised video invite, with both of you sitting comfortably at home and request their presence at your celebration. If possible, take it a step further and record it at your wedding destination or the actual setting where you will exchange your vows. The video can be as creative as you wish. Make sure to include the main details of your wedding that would be found in a regular invitation such as names, date, times and location. It is more unique than sending out general invites and it will be something they can cherish forever.

  • Perhaps you would like to personalise the napkins by embroidering your guest’s name or initial on their napkins, like a bride of mine did. 

These special touches will be considerably less time consuming if you have fewer guests.

Couple embracing Dream Weddings Budapest blog

How Much Does A Micro Wedding Cost?

A micro wedding costs anywhere from €2500 for an elopement and reception combination with 10 guests or fewer to €10,000 for a full ceremony and reception with 50 or fewer guests.

Should I Wait To Have My Big Wedding Or Plan A Micro Wedding Instead?

This is entirely up to you! You have to determine what will ultimately make you both the happiest, taking into account the current pandemic conditions and your wedding budget. Whether you have a traditional big wedding or a micro wedding, you will have an incredible celebration and everyone will come away from the day with wonderful memories. If you want to get married as soon as possible but the current pandemic conditions are interfering with your dream of a big wedding, then have both. If your wedding budget can accommodate it, have a micro wedding now with your nearest and dearest and then have a sequel wedding later down the road.

Natural wedding cake frosting table decoration


For more information about Micro Weddings in Budapest and to discover the best micro wedding venues in Hungary, please get in contact here. The same elements that you would find in a regular wedding can be included but your Micro Wedding Package can be completely personalised to suit your budget, style and guest count. Having just a small guest count will allow you to choose truly unique venues such private rooftops, a yacht on the Danube or even a igloo in your preferred location for your winter wedding in Budapest.

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